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Ear Plug Dispensers

A convenient and highly-effective solution to your noise protection needs, ear plugs are always popular with our customers, but how should you store them? This selection of ear plug dispensers offers the perfect solution, making them easy to look after and easy to access when needed.

Whether you want to make them available in the right part of your premises or take them with you when going to work off site, we have something that will work for you. Streamlining access to ear protection will help ensure your employees always wear it when needed and remain safe from the short and long-term risks posed by excessive noise.

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Choosing An Ear Plug Dispenser

Using an ear plug dispenser is much easier than simply keeping ear plugs in a box or bowl, which inevitably leads to them being dropped on the floor or knocked over. Choosing the dispenser best suited to your needs, however, may require a little more thought.

The first criterion to consider is how you want to position your dispenser. Some are designed to be moved around easily and are ideal for off-site work, having sufficient resilience that they will not come to harm when packed into a van with your other equipment.

Others are designed to be stored on a table or shelving unit, or affixed to a wall. This makes it possible to position them adjacent to our ear protection safety signs to emphasise the importance of using ear plugs. You might even choose to purchase a full ear protection station and get your employees into the habit of stopping at it as they progress into the area where loud work is done.

We stock ear plug dispensers made from a wide range of materials. Some are designed to hold small packets, so can be used for individually wrapped pairs of ear plugs. Some are made of metal and are tough enough to be mounted in places like warehouses where they risk being impacted by passing pallet trucks and lifters. Others are transparent, making it easy for you to check when stock is running low and refill them accordingly.

You will find refill packs also conveniently available in our selection. When employees can see that there is a good supply of ear plugs available, they are more likely to use new ones when they should, and less likely to take risks by carelessly re-using old ones.

Some ear plug dispensers are easier to use than others if your employees are also wearing safety gloves. Ideally all personal protection equipment will be put on at once, in which case ear plugs can go in first, but the reality is that ear plugs do sometimes fall out at work and need to be replaced with new ones, so it is useful to have a dispenser that is easy to operate under all circumstances.

Using an ear plug dispenser makes it much easier to maintain good workplace hygiene, though you will of course need to ensure that you can clean the dispenser itself effectively, especially if it is being used somewhere like a laboratory or a kitchen. It will keep the ear plugs themselves clean up to the point of use, and reduce the risk of ear infections.

Our wide range of ear plug dispensers means you have plenty to choose from and should have no difficulty in finding a good fit for your workplace.