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Chemical Handling Posters

Need help? Need help? Ensure staff know how to deal with hazards As safety in the workplace is a high priority, you will want to ensure that employees and visitors are constantly reminded of the health and safety protocols. Our Chemical Handling Posters are a great way to get the message across, as they both inform and remind people of what they must or must not do.
There is a lot of complicated information in the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations, and a poster summarising the information that is necessary will be instrumental in refreshing the memory of all members of staff on important points.

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Hazardous Materials Handling Safety Information

Workers are required to know how to take precautions to prevent – and how to react to – exposure to dangerous chemicals. A poster framed in a prominent place on the site can be used as a checklist to ensure safe work procedures are followed. An employee may know the first few steps to take after a chemical spill, for example, but they may need to rehearse the next few responses: once they have put on the required protective gear and begun to contain, stop and clean up the spill, they might need to consult a poster to remind them how to proceed with disposal, reporting, decontamination – and especially – to restock all the spill equipment that was used.

More than just outlining regulations, the General COSHH poster is full of appropriate advice on precautionary steps, control measures and other information, such as what to do about monitoring your exposure to harmful substances. The aim is to minimise the chances of injury and to make sure that people know how to work safely and what to do in an emergency. Information regarding first aid in the event of a chemical spill will also be a useful poster to display.

In an environment where potentially damaging chemicals are handled, it is important to be informed about how to protect yourself using the correct PPE – for instance, which sort of gloves are suitable for which substances. Posters helping personnel to understand the Globally Harmonised System (GHS) of classification and labelling symbols give vital information so that PPE is removed and properly cleaned after exposure to corrosive materials that could work through the layers.

Visual reminders and symbol lists will help to reduce the risk of catastrophic errors. Combined with training and pocket guides, posters that give succinct information with easy-to-grasp graphics are certain to reinforce awareness. For a permanent display, place a poster in a sturdy frame, or fix one to the appropriate storage cabinet.

The series of COSHH posters and wall charts are an excellent tool to make sure workers know what different labels mean and know how to handle dangerous substances. They will be reminded how to safely handle and store chemicals and which should be kept apart from each other. Information about what should be kept from contaminating food or from being released into the environment will be fresh in the minds of employees. This is important, as drain covers, for instance, may need to be placed quickly after a spill, leaving little time to wonder whether it is safe for the drainage system.

Knowing what is required by COSHH, both of employers and employees, will help ensure good staff employer relations. Not only will it enhance everyone’s safety when people use, properly store, and care for protective equipment, but a poster setting out obligations may also be used to gently remind personnel, for example, that they are obliged to report for medical surveillance if requested to do so.