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Covid19 Prevention Signs

Need help? Need help? Choosing the right Covid19 Prevention signage for you Clear, Informative UK Approved Covid19 Prevention Signs

Right now, there are few concerns as pressing as the Coronavirus pandemic. If you are an employer or business owner, it is your duty to help reduce viral transmission and take steps to make your workplace COVID-safe.

This begins with displaying Covid19 prevention signs to advise staff and visitors of the rules of the house, which will include enforcing safe practices such as mask wearing, social distancing and safe hygiene routines. Our Covid19 safety experts have prepared a comprehensive range of Coronavirus infection control signs in a variety of built-to-last, permanent or repositionable materials.

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Choosing COVID-19 Prevention Signs

The first step to building a Covid-secure worksite is to conduct a risk assessment. Once potential risk zones have been identified, you can shortlist the COVID-19 prevention signs that will be required to reinforce government guidelines. The HSE has issued a useful PowerPoint presentation to get you started.

There are three key areas to consider when purchasing COVID-19 prevention signs:

  • The message to be communicated

  • Size and material

  • Positioning and fixings

Covid19 Prevention Signs: What is your Message?

Start by assembling signs bearing the most basic advice relating to social distancing and proper hygiene. Here are some additional suggestions:

Seton also supplies illustrated guides to help reduce virus transmission, including Covid19 infection control posters. These are useful to display at key points of contact around the site.

Size and Materials of our Signs and Posters

Next, consider the location of your signs, as this will have a direct bearing on the type of material required. Our list of materials is extensive, but here are some of the most popular:

  • Rigid plastic

  • Polypropylene, fluted or skinned

  • Vinyl

  • Removable, repositionable vinyl

Read our Materials & Finishes Guide for further information.

Positioning of Covid 19 Prevention Posters

Always test the positioning of your signs for maximal visibility to visitors approaching the area to ensure that they are placed at the correct height and are not obscured by columns or screens. Please see our comprehensive guide to fixtures and fittings to ensure that you have everything you need to affix or mount your signs.