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Winter Signs

Cold temperatures, slippery surfaces and treacherous conditions mean that unfortunately, accidents in and around the workplace are much more common during the winter. One particularly efficient method in reducing their potential likelihood is displaying appropriate safety and hazard signs so that everyone is aware extra caution is needed.

Winter signage that should be placed around your site includes notices cautioning staff and visitors to be wary of ice and to wipe their feet when entering your building. Our winter signs are an ideal way to keep those on-site safe from harm during seasonal spells of weather. To find out more about winter safety signs, our buying guide offers plenty of information on where and how to use them.

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Winter Safety Signs: Buying Guide

As the winter weather sets in, the risk of slips, trips and falls in and around the workplace is heightened massively. Freezing temperatures will cause frost, ice and snow to form; all of which can lead to slippery conditions underfoot. It is up to business owners and their health & safety representatives to put the appropriate preventative steps in place to avoid accidents occurring on-site. Displaying clear, visible winter safety signs will help keep you legislation-compliant and is a great way to raise awareness of the dangers the colder months present.

What Kind Of Cold Weather Signs Should I Consider?

We stock a wide variety of signage options to keep everyone who accesses your premises safe and protected from potential harm.

Two main types of sign are especially useful during the winter months:

  • Hazard Signs that warn staff or visitors of potentially dangerous conditions

  • Information Signs which direct people on how to find or use areas and equipment

Hazard signs are yellow in colour and often use pictograms to ensure messages are understood. These can be displayed outside on large stanchion stands - perfect for car parks. For extra flexibility our freestanding poles can be used to display signs both in or out of doors making them useful for entrances and exits. Both are available as kits.

“A” board signs are also useful as they place the message on the ground where people are likely to be looking already.

Information signs are blue in colour and carry a variety of useful messages relating to the safe use and storage of winter weather equipment. They can be supplied in a choice of sizes and materials making them suitable for use anywhere on your site with minimal fuss - perfect for times when inclement weather occurs suddenly.

Winter Weather Signs and Other Seasonal Products

It is advisable to always hold a back-up inventory of emergency supplies, so you’re prepared should the worst happen. When used in conjunction with your new winter safety signs, these items make for an extremely effective solution.

De-icers and white rock salt are a must-have when it comes to keeping your premises ice free and safe underfoot during the winter. Regardless of how much you’ll need to effectively cover your premises, our wide range of choices has you covered.

Practical items shouldn’t be overlooked either – for example, installing absorbent entrance mats encourages those entering the building to wipe their feet preventing slippery floors and staining.

Regardless of the size of your premises or workforce, as market leaders in the field of health and safety, Seton has the perfect selection of winter safety signage for you.