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Trolleys are an oft-overlooked essential feature in the modern workplace. There are many situations when using a heavy-duty truck would be impractical and something more lightweight and versatile is required to carry the items you need.

Trolleys can be used for picking and sorting orders, storing and distributing small items or just for general jobs around the workplace. They should be strong, durable and manoeuvrable. Beyond these basic criteria, different situations may require the use of a specialist solution such as a mail trolleys for postrooms. To find out more about trolleys for use in a variety of locations, read our buying guide.

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Hand Trolley Buying Guide

There are several things to consider when deciding which trolley is right for you. The most important are:

  • Location - Where will your trolley be used and what surfaces will it be operating on?

  • Items to be transported - Are you carrying large goods that require lots of space or smaller items that need to be contained?

  • Amount of use - Do you need a permanent solution that will be used on a regular basis or a temporary measure for occasional use?

Your answers to these questions will help you choose the correct trolley for your situation.

Business Trolleys for Multi-Purpose Use

A standard two-tier trolley is a very popular choice for its adaptability and classic design. This versatile, no-frills trolley is as at home in the warehouse as it is on the shop floor and won't look out of place in customer-facing retail environments. With swivel castors and dual shelves, this trolley can nip easily in and out of most tight corners and can carry a surprising amount without becoming overloaded.

For more robust use in the workplace, our heavy-duty tray trolleys can stand up to use in the toughest environments. With a three-tier steel frame on roller bearing castors, and available at different heights, these are trolleys that can serve in industrial locations on a daily basis.

For situations when you want to avoid the risk of a fragile item sliding off the trolley, our deep shelf trolley is the answer to your needs. Made from heavy-duty plastic that can withstand impact and is resistant to water damage, this two-tier trolley also has handle trays where small items that are easy to lose can be stored safely.

Work Trolleys for All Applications

We also sell trolleys designed for a specific environment. These include chrome-plated wire trolleys with two shallow trays that are perfect for carrying documents, ring binders and other stationery. These can be moved around a busy office with ease and allow items to be grouped together, reducing the risk of them being mislaid.

In locations where cleanliness is of paramount importance such as kitchens and medical facilities, look for trolleys that are manufactured from stainless steel or food-grade plastic. As well as being easy to clean and keep germ free they are lightweight and ideally suited to busy environments.

Several of our trolleys can also be folded away for ease of storage when not in use. These models include our clever folding trolley. Additional fold-down boxes can also be purchased to create a complete material handling and storage system perfect for small workshops or picking and packing locations.

For order picking and stock control, we also supply a line of order picking trolleys that include a dedicated space to keep a clipboard and necessary paperwork. These are perfect for busy warehouses and can speed up operations immensely.