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Packaging Tapes & Tools

Need help? Need help? Why should I implement a tagging system? At Seton, we know that running a busy warehouse requires a lot of organisation. Our selection of packaging tapes and tools is designed to provide what you need to keep your stock in order, store it safely and prepare it for distribution to customers. In this section, you’ll find equipment for tagging, marking, padding and packaging items of all shapes and sizes. Our comprehensive range includes everything you will need, making it easy for you to pick up all the equipment you require from one place. We also stock refills for your dispensers and expansion sets for your established systems.

See below for more information, an FAQs and our buying guide.

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Parcel Tapes and Cutting Tools: Buying Guide

It would be impossible to manage a warehouse without a steady supply of dependable, quality packing materials. Whether you’re looking for boxes, bags or tape, we have everything here, along with the tools you need to use them effectively.

Using parcel tape is one of the easiest ways to seal up a package and label it at the same time, in our packing tapes category we have every different message you could need in a warehouse setting. These can also be useful in ensuring that a package is appropriately handled after it leaves your premises. We also have different varieties of tape, from traditional brown packing tape, which is conveniently easy to tear, to heavy duty strapping tape and steel tape, and cable ties that won’t break unless they’re cut with the proper tool.

When it comes to packing, we have boxes of all shapes and sizes, bubble wrap and other forms of padding to keep fragile goods safe, and a huge variety of different types of protective envelopes to keep small items safe without compromising the professional look you want. We also have poly bags for securing and labelling small items, and assorted kinds of film you can wrap around items to keep them hygienic and provide additional protection from the elements.

Box cutters are an essential tool when you find yourself in the need for cutting devices, which can present a safety risk if used carelessly. We stock several different types of safety cutters and blades designed to minimise that risk, including high visibility tools that cannot easily be left lying around by accident. Because doing a lot of cutting can be hard on the hands, we have tools designed to minimise the effort involved, by using innovative types of grip.

Tagging items is the easiest way to keep track of them in a busy warehouse, and we have a large selection of different tags and ties available for you to choose from. Some enable you to list the details of what a package contains in some depth, which can be especially useful during transportation or if your business deals with many similar items. Others use simple colour coding, which makes it easy to see at a glance what belongs where, and you can add other identifying information to them as you see fit.

When you do your labelling, you want it to look professional and neat, and you want to be able to do it in an expedient manner, so stencilling is the ideal option. We stock stencil sets that give you the control and flexibility you need.


How do I know what kind of packing materials to use?

When you’re choosing packaging materials, the best place to start is by considering the type of protection the item needs. Is it fragile or vulnerable to being damaged by scratching? If so, provide plenty of padding. Is it vulnerable to water damage? If so, seal it with plastic. For heavy items, make sure you use strong cardboard that won’t easily be damaged if they’re moved around roughly.

Do you have environmentally friendly packing materials?

A lot of packaging materials are made from recycled paper or cardboard, and some types of plastic wrapping are designed to be biodegradable, so wrapping things securely doesn’t have to be bad for the environment. You’ll find useful information in individual product descriptions.

How can I work out what kind of tagging system will work best for me?

Think about what you need to use tags for. Do you need the contents of different packages or crates to be identifiable at a glance? Which is most important, identifying the specific items or identifying which section of the warehouse they should be in? How many details about the items do you need to know? Do you need to be able to cross-reference the specific package with a register, even after it has been put in place in the warehouse, or is it enough to know what it contains? Asking these questions will help you to find the best solution for your workplace.