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Industrial Safety Books & Guides

Industrial environments can pose a range of health and safety risks for workers, customers and visitors – which is why owners of such businesses and employers must comply with all relevant health and safety legislation. Such compliance ensures the workforce and anyone entering the premises is fully informed of health and safety policy, procedure, and practice at all times. Our range of Industrial Safety Books and Guides provide business owners and managers with useful tools for implementing on-site health and safety practice, offering helpful training aids and go-to references for the workforce.

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Industrial Safety Training: Buying Guide

Health and safety provision for workspaces and employees is an important part of creating a safe and compliant industrial environment. Employers who are operating in industrial areas have a duty to familiarise themselves with, and ensure that they implement all the relevant health and safety legislation, and our range of industrial safety books and guides can prove useful tools in this process.

At Seton, we offer a wide range of health and safety books and guides that will be useful in an industrial setting. Our selection of health and safety literature covers everything from chemical handling and electrical safety to first aid and fire safety, and our range includes helpful and easy-to-read guidance for workers in an industrial environment. We even offer health and safety literature in a selection of languages to cater for the changing needs of the modern industrial workforce.

Our health and safety literature selection is designed to be easily accessible to all employees, with both verbal and visual guidance on a selection of health and safety related situations. Our range of industrial safety books and guides can serve as both an initial training tool for workers in an industrial environment and a go-to reference guide for employees and managers in the event that health and safety information needs to be clarified during the course of their work.

Our range of industrial safety books and guides comprises handy, on-site safety management systems, which provide information on legislation as well as offering a convenient place to conduct and store risk assessments and keep records of health and safety maintenance tasks, etc. For example, we offer a comprehensive ladder safety management system from Scafftag, which comprises guidance on regulations and risk assessment as well as a ladder register, inspection reports and fault notification provision, all in a handy, on site storage, easily identifiable format.

We also have a selection of pocket guides that may prove useful in the industrial workplace. Our noise at work pocket guide helps workers in noisy environments understand the steps and measures they can take to reduce the impact of workplace noise on their health and safety, while our risk assessment pocket guide details the need for and proper implementation of risk assessments within the industrial working environment. We also sell a poster guide to asbestos safety, which can provide invaluable health and safety guidance to workers who may be at risk of exposure to this dangerous substance within their working environment.