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Need help? Need help? How to set up a recycling system? Highest Quality Recycling Signs from the Sign Experts

With more and more businesses implementing recycling schemes in the workplace, it is essential that staff and visitors are encouraged to comply with your company’s recycling policy. One way of doing this is through the use of signs for recycling. Our recycle signs are available in a variety of sizes, symbols and materials, with many featuring easily recognisable recycling symbols.

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Recycling and Waste Management Signage: Buying Guide

Waste Recycling Systems

Recycling in the workplace makes good business sense not only because it's easy to set up and run; but also because it can help to reduce clutter and of course, help to protect the environment.

Many modern businesses are becoming aware of their environmental impact and are working towards practices which allow them to reduce the amount of waste they send to ecologically unsound landfill disposal sites.

One of the ways in which you can achieve this is through increased recycling of materials that will be reused and repurposed instead of being disposed of. Recycling signs help encourage and facilitate workplace recycling, thus contributing to landfill waste reduction.

Recycling signs help ensure waste is correctly disposed of and sorted to allow for it to be recycled. These signs are used within any workplace to encourage minimal waste approaches and adhere to waste reduction policies, as well as being an essential element of signage for any business that is involved in the handling and recycling of waste items.

Signs for recycling bins are used to encourage people to consider the nature of their waste before they dispose of it, as well as being a helpful visual guide that allows people to easily sort different types of recyclable materials into their relevant receptacles.

Recycling signs feature easily recognisable universal recycling motifs which instantly inform people that waste disposed in this manner will be sent to be recycled or repurposed, helping them to feel good about their contribution to lowering levels of waste sent to landfills.

Usage of Recycling Signs at the Workplace

For businesses and organisations that wish to reduce their waste to landfill ratio, recycling signs should be used throughout the workplace and public access areas to encourage responsible disposal of recyclable materials.

Our extensive range of materials enables our recycling signs to be placed in different locations around your business; to see our recycling signs being used in day-to-day life check out our ‘Make Recycling Your Business’ video.

At most office and public buildings you will find indoor recycling bins, organised to create a waste management system for the building. Signs should be used liberally to point out to visitors as well as employess of the location of these receptacles and to indicate that your workplace is serious about sustainable waste disposal practices. which in modern times is more important than ever.

Information signs should be used to explain recycling policy and direct staff and visitors to the correct locations for depositing recyclables, while material-specific recycling signs should be used to indicate receptacles for classes of materials that can then be recycled.

In waste management, facilities recycling signs are used to help direct staff and service users to divide waste appropriately by type, ready for recycling.

Different Types of Recycling Sign

Recycling signs are both informational and indicative of location, they can be used in conjunction with our information signs to further communicate and increase the clarity of the recycling message. Some recycling signs are simply there to encourage best practice in waste disposal, reminding consumers on your premises of their responsibility to dispose of waste responsibly. Other recycling signs help indicate the location of recycling points for various types of materials.

We have a wide range of both wall-mountable and self-adhesive recycling signs which help staff and visitors to your business or organisation recognise the correct place to dispose of materials such as paper, cardboard, plastics, glass and food and drinks cans. We also have a range of material-specific recycling signs to help with the sorting of other forms of waste including electrical waste, batteries and building waste. Recycling signs can also help ensure that items such as clothing, textiles, shoes and unused spectacles do not go to waste.

Our recycling signs are also perfect for designating areas where larger items should be placed for future recycling, including household appliances, TVs and monitors, car batteries and tyres, we have a full range of outdoor bins that can be used to create a recycling system for items that are unwieldy.


What Recycling Signs do I need?

Your recycling sign needs will depend on the nature of your business or organisation and which materials you want to gather for recycling. For many modern workplaces, it can be useful to use signage to designate areas for recycling plastic, such as drink bottles, metal, such as soft drink cans, and paper and card, which are often abundant in office settings.

Waste disposal businesses will likely need a more comprehensive selection of recycling signs, to demarcate the areas in which each type of recyclable material should be placed.

Where should Recycling Signs be placed?

Informational recycling signs should be placed around workspaces and public areas to inform staff and visitors of your organisation’s preferred approach to waste disposal. Material specific signs should be placed on the relevant receptacles and used to denote areas where larger recyclable items should be left.