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Wall & Post-Mounted Bins

Ensuring that everyone on-site disposes of their rubbish safely and responsibly can be difficult, but it’s of crucial importance in terms of hygiene, health & safety and avoiding infestations of vermin. Providing access to the right equipment makes this task much easier for operators of premises by reminding and encouraging staff and visitors to use the facilities provided to dispose of their litter.

Our selection of waste disposal options covers all bases, including Wall & Post-Mounted Bins. Mounting these facilities in visible, accessible areas encourages staff and visitors to use them, keeping your premises cleaner and safer.

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Choosing Wall & Post-Mounted Bins

Maintaining a clean and tidy workplace can be tough, especially if you have many people coming and going throughout the day. One effective, easily affordable option to encourage this is to simply provide those on-site with plenty of obvious, visible and accessible points to dispose of waste. Wall & Post-Mounted Bins are the perfect choice for the job, as unlike regular, freestanding bins, they can be fixed in prominent locations. Deploying them in several locations throughout your property ensures they act as a reminder to staff and visitors to use them and responsibly dispose of litter.

Wall Mounted Bins

This design of bin is popular for use in premises that perhaps don’t have much free space. Their compact, sleek and hygienic design encourages responsible rubbish disposal, without the facility itself being an eyesore. Our best-selling Wall Mounted Litter Bin features a compact, hinged lid, which is easy to use, looks good and keeps the bin’s contents concealed from view. This prevents spillage, leakage or any form of vermin being attracted to its contents.

Post-Mounted Bins

These bins are great as they’re more visible than traditional floor mounted bins (therefore better reminding people to use them) but unlike Wall Mounted Bins, don’t require an available wall to be mounted upon. The post can be erected anywhere within your premises; with an appropriate model of bin affixed, ready for use. Again, their design and height makes them more accessible to passers-by than smaller, floor-based models – and keeps them away from floor-level vermin. Our Osprey Litter Bin Post is a great choice for mounting compatible bins at an accessible and visible height.

Other Bins Popular For Use In The Workplace

Other popular choices when it comes to responsible waste disposal in workplaces come in the form of:
Cigarette Bins – if you have a designated outdoor smoking area, providing a Cigarette Bin or Ash Tray Bin will encourage the appropriate and safe disposal of cigarette ends.
Recycling Bins – where possible, business owners should encourage their employees and visitors to sort waste accordingly for recycling purposes. Employers have a duty to do their bit for the environment and recycling is a great place to start. Our range of Recycling Bin options provides several affordable models for use indoors or outdoors. To make things clearer for those using the facilities, you might consider displaying the appropriate Recycling Signs on-site.
Dog Waste Bins – If your premises are situated within an area where members of the public like to walk their dogs, it’s advisable to provide these facilities to encourage them to clean up after their pet.