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First Aid Bags

Need help? Need help? Find the perfect bag for your first aid supplies Built-to-Last, UK First Aid Bags in Every Size and Shape
Accidents in the workplace are an unfortunate but inevitable part of everyday life, so it is vital that the correct equipment is on hand to allow employees to administer help effectively during an emergency. Our first aid bags will improve your health and safety practices and will ensure that people are able to treat a whole host of different injuries and ailments on site. We have a huge range of products and solutions, from our popular British Standard First Aid Kit in a soft bag to the comprehensive Major Incident First Aid Kit. Use our Buying Guide to choose which one is right for you.

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Guide To Buying A First Aid Bag

Those looking for a one-stop shop for first aid products should look no further than the Major Incident First Aid Kit. This substantial offering contains everything you need to deal with an emergency. It is an ideal solution for large-scale environments, such as hotels, enterprises and any other areas where high volumes of customers or staff congregate. The contents have been hand-picked so that an individual is equipped with the means to deal with major trauma and an emergency evacuation. Its contents include burn dressings and gel, splinter forces, safety pins, sterling wipes, a stethoscope and a resuscitation pocket mask. This product is perfect for those worried about not being suitably ready for an emergency.

Being able to administer first aid on the move is also a common concern, but our British Standard Rucksack makes first aid easy with its colour-coded zip pouches for finding items quickly, in addition to its substantial carrying capacity. The rucksack is designed for simple transportation and means that you will not have to carry heavy equipment to be ready for an emergency. The twin shoulder strap design makes it easy for anyone to carry for long distances, while the reflective strips ensure visibility at all times, be it day or night. This effective solution is ideal for outdoor conditions and features a large selection of dressings, plasters and other products as standard.

All our first aid bags are designed to be lightweight and simple for people to use. For example, the First Aid Bum Bag could complement the rucksack with its hands-free setup for first aid supplies. This bum bag sits just below the stomach for easy-to-reach supplies located in a large compartment with a two-way zipper. Meanwhile, our First Aid Kit in Soft Bag also features a rugged handle with anti-rip and water-repellent fabric for use in both indoor and outdoor environments. This product has been designed to allow for the treatment of multiple casualties and is suitable for both low and moderate risk emergencies. Like all of our first aid bags, it is BS 8599 compliant.

First aid is usually needed quickly, and the Grab Bag First Aid Kit incorporates grab handles to allow you to transport it with ease to accident sites. This bag is spacious and includes a variety of contents, such as cleansing wipes, plasters and dressings. This BS-compliant product is ideal for first responders with its jack-of-all-trades setup and would be an excellent addition to any workplace's first aid provisions.

We also have a fully stocked Bum Bag First Aid Kit for use in manufacturing, construction and other heavy-duty industries. All our solutions are suitable for use in a range of working environments and are specifically tailored for first response aid.

Frequently asked questions

What should be inside the first aid bag?

You may be wondering about best practices – and considering what to put in a first aid bag. The contents of a first aid bag will depend on the specific needs of the worksite or event at which the first aid packs and bags are being used. For example, the first aid medical bags used in a medic tent at an event will likely have different contents from those used in a factory in which corrosive materials are used.

Seton has a full range of first aid bags with supplies, first aid kit refill materials and empty first aid bags, so that you can select the bags and materials that will meet the unique needs of your workplace, or first aid team. When determining what first aid bags and first aid materials you need, you can refer to the HSE’s guidelines and advice on maintaining optimal first aid in the workplace.

What kinds of first aid bags are best?

Seton offers a wide range of bags for first aid kits so that you can find the first aid kit bags that work best for your worksite’s specific needs. For large worksites or workplaces with significant health risks, Seton provides a Major Incident First Aid Kit.

Worksites that are exposed to the elements will also benefit from Seton’s Waterproof First Aid Bags and First Aid Carry Bags, which are water-repellent, zippered and easy to carry to the site of the emergency. The Portable First Aid Rucksack with Detachable Kit has a convenient first aid zipper pouch that allows for easy access to first aid materials when it matters most. If your work requires highly mobile-first aid grab bags, Seton also has First Aid Bum Bags, which can be easily stocked with supplies and worn by first aid staff.

When a smaller first aid kit is needed, a Bum Bag First Aid Kit is ideal as it can be easily worn around the waist and refilled as needed. In situations where large first aid bags may be needed at a site that is difficult to access, a Rucksack First Aid Kit is ideal as it can be carried as a backpack, with even weight distribution. Smaller first aid bags can be stowed easily in offices, storerooms or vehicles, while hardcase first aid kits can also be stored away or hung on the wall for high visibility.

Can you purchase first aid kit bags only?

Depending on the needs of your worksite, you may also need empty first aid bags. Stocking spare, or empty, first aid bags is convenient for workplaces that require a large number of first aid kit bags empty, such as large factories, medics and event organisers. Seton offers a range of empty first aid bags, including our small Empty First Aid Bags and our first aid backpack empty. Our Empty First Aid Rucksack is British Standard compliant, convenient to use and carry, and has reflective strips. If you are considering what to have in first aid bag, Seton has a full range of all First Aid Kit Refills that can be used to keep the first aid bags stocked and ready to go.