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Biohazard First Aid Stations

Need help? Need help? What advantages can a Biohazard Station provide? Your workplace risk assessment may identify hazards involving sharp objects or the need for the disposal of potentially dangerous bodily fluids. If this is the case specialist equipment is usually required. Standard commercial cleaning products may not be sufficient and a small speck of bodily fluid can harbour dangerous pathogens. A biohazard first aid station can provide a centralised location for administering first aid while providing the special equipment needed to deal with biohazardous material and sharps clean up.

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Biohazard First Aid Stations Buying Guide

A First Aid Workplace Solution Where Clean Up for Sharps and Biohazards May Also Be Needed

Locating a first aid/biohazard station in your workplace will provide certain advantages, and can help you meet legislation, as well as hazards decided upon in a risk assessment. Our small, medium and large First Aid Biohazard stations can provide the following benefits:

  • Included bodily fluid clean up kit provides what’s needed to safely disinfect soiled surfaces and reduce contamination. This includes PPE items such as an apron and gloves as well as wipes, disposal bags and absorbent granules.

  • The combination kit (large station only) also adds the additional capability of sharp object disposal by providing forceps and a container.

  • A place to report accidents is vital to meet RIDDOR requirements, so the accident book is a neat addition to the biohazard station which provides an accident reporting location and a means to keep records. This is a requirement in any workplace with 10+ employees as well as factories, quarries and mines.

  • The stations are easy to see in the workplace. They display a 3D header sign depicting a first aid symbol (white cross on a green background) and also two biohazard symbols either side, so the place to go in either a first aid or biohazard emergency can be seen clearly from a distance.

  • The first aid kit provides a way to treat common injuries and all three sizes are British Standard compliant.

  • Updateable first aider sign allows you to display a list of the designated first aiders in your workplace, so employees can see who to contact when help is needed.

  • Easily see any components which are missing or need replacing with the visible panels, which display information when something is not where it should be.

  • Treat eye injuries with the built in eye wash component. Saline eye wash is included as well as a small mirror and guidelines which show how to treat eye injuries.

Create a custom biohazard first aid station by combining mini stations

The mini biohazard station is a smaller solution which you can combine with the other types of modular mini station to create the exact configuration you need for your workplace. It comprises a small or large body fluid kit with a biohazard 3D header on a wall mountable board. Place next to the large station for extra clean up equipment or combine with catering, first aid, eye wash and burns mini stations to create a location appropriate for your needs. All the stations are easy to wall mount and have a glow in the dark header.