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Need help? Need help? Why are danger signs important? Large Range of Danger Signs - High Quality and Fast Delivery

Many different types of businesses, including industrial and construction sites, will need to display signs that warn of the specific dangers present in a location. From machinery, to deep water, to incomplete scaffolding - the risks can be greatly reduced with the effective use of Danger Signs.

Making sure that all employees, subcontractors and visitors are aware of the dangers should be a central part of your health and safety strategy. By displaying clear messages in appropriate locations around your site, you can alert everyone to the presence of danger, allowing them to avoid it or protect themselves accordingly and helping you to meet current legislation.

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What are Danger Signs?

Usually rendered in yellow, danger signs indicate the proximity of a very hazardous situation, one that could even result in the serious injury or death of an employee. These are used in more extreme situations where you are warning employees that they risk personal injury. The appropriate sign should make it clear which precautions to take or what to watch out for. The instructions may also prohibit certain behaviours, such as walking on the fragile roof of a building.

When you need to give people ample warning to avoid the chance of accidents in your workplace, we have a collection of danger signs and symbols to cover many different situations.

What are Danger Signs Used to Indicate?

All workplaces have health and safety risks, these must be regularly reviewed in order to limit people’s exposure to danger whilst doing their job. One of the most effective ways of doing this is through the use of signs, which, according to the HSE, “can further reduce the risk” of an accident occurring. Depending on the types of hazard your employees could encounter, Seton has yellow danger signs to make potential accidents easier to foresee and avoid.

  • Danger of falling signs. According to the HSE report Kinds of accident statistics in Great Britain, 2018, falls from a height caused 26% of all workplace fatalities. Most of these were in the construction sector. You can help prevent death or serious injury in your facility with a Danger Drop sign or a Danger Scaffold Incomplete sign.

  • Danger from automatic machinery signs. There are many risks involved when people are working with machinery. If your site includes automatic equipment, you must warn staff who may be nearby to exercise caution to avoid crushing, entangling or trapping injuries. By affixing one of our great value Danger Automatic Machinery May Start Signs, you are complying to The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 and minimising the chances of someone getting hurt.

  • Danger of deep water signs. You can use yellow triangular signs warning of deep water to clearly denote the hazardous areas around your building. They can help to prevent the risk of drowning and remind your team members or visitors to be extra vigilant in the area.

What Kind of Danger Signs are Best for Providing More Than One Message?

Our multi-message signs combine several different warnings and instructions. On a busy construction site or warehouse facility, it is important to provide all the most pertinent information quickly. To lower the risk of accidents, you must make visitors aware of potentially dangerous environments.
Our Hazard Area/Authorised Personnel/All Visitors Signs allow you to convey three messages at a glance. They primarily explain that the site is hazardous by using the yellow triangular sign, but they also explain that only authorised personnel are permitted to enter and that visitors must report to the site office.

Easy to Understand

A clear message - All of our Danger Signs feature an easily recognisable hazard triangle. Many feature the exclamation mark symbol inside the triangle - the standard symbol for hazard and warning signs.

Other signs in the range may display an image providing more information on the nature of the danger. Examples of this include our popular ‘Danger Deep Water’ Signs, ‘Danger Fragile Roof’ Signs and ‘Danger Drop’ Signs.

You can also opt for a sign with bold writing describing the hazard present. The range also features multi-message signs, such as our ‘Danger Do Not Switch On’ Multi-Message Signs, where the message is used in conjunction with mandatory or prohibition symbols to provide full instructions of expected behaviour in that area.

Safety and Legislation

Meeting the standard - Warning anyone on your premises of danger is a legal health and safety requirement. Many companies worry about fulfilling all of their health and safety obligations, but by shopping with Seton, you can purchase these signs and many other safety products that you need with confidence, knowing that our products comply with current UK and EU laws.

Part of a sound safety policy - Danger signs can go a long way to allowing employees and visitors to avoid the danger or to take steps to protect themselves. However, even with all precautions, accidents can still happen. Should an accident occur, make sure that first aid supplies can be easily found using First Aid Signs, and look at our selection of First Aid Supplies to ensure that your team have everything they need to safely treat injuries.

Materials and Fixings

Spoilt for choice - Our range of Danger Signs are available in many different types of durable materials. Whether you are looking for signs suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, or have special requirements such as UV, water or solvent resistant materials, you are sure to find an option to suit you.

Securely displayed - Using our range of high quality Sign Fixings, you can ensure that your signs are displayed prominently and secured in place for years to come.

Custom options available - Seton’s range of Danger Signs is an extensive one, suitable for many different locations, and providing warnings on a wide variety of dangers. However, every business is unique and may have uncommon dangers. Should you find that you need a sign that is not included in our range, please try our custom sign-making service that can produce the signs that you exact needs.


How Large Does a Safety Sign Have to be?

Our signs range in size from under 15cm to above 60 cm tall. The optimal size for your workplace is the size that will make the warning clearly visible from the point at which people need to be aware of the hazard.

Why are Pictograms Commonly Used on Danger Signs?

Pictograms are symbols that represent a concept or word. They can convey precise information in a universally understood format. Yellow triangular signs, such as Sheer Drop With No Edge, use a pictogram to convey the necessary information clearly.

Do Safety Signs Need Fixings?

When you buy a sign from us, you can choose the fixing that best suits your plans. These include permanent self-adhesive, removable self-adhesive, bolted and hangover signs.