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Social Distancing Floor Tapes

Need help? Need help? Do you know what you're looking for in floor tapes? UK Top Quality, Heavy-Duty Social Distancing Floor Tapes

As the COVID-19 situation unfolds, all workplaces are adjusting to the new guidelines and changes. Social distancing floor tapes are an essential way to keep employees, customers and visitors safe and healthy during the Coronavirus crisis. Seton has a full range of hazard tapes, social distancing specific floor tapes and social distancing kits to help you maintain a safe, healthy workplace.

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Social distancing floor tape UK buying guide

When selecting social distancing floor tapes, it is important to consider the specific needs of your workplace, and how social distancing is being put into effect there. All workplaces will have unique needs when it comes to effectively communicating social distancing requirements. Additionally, if you work in retail, you will need to be mindful of the regulations for social distancing floor tapes in shops. Below is a brief guide on everything you need to know when selecting the most suitable social distancing floor tapes for your business or workplace.

Social Distancing Signs for Schools

Social distancing in Schools may feel like an impossible task. Especially when there are large numbers of children per classroom. Plus, with winter not too far away, children will be staying inside more making social distancing even harder. However, it is imperative that Schools follow the strict rules set out by the government. Otherwise, they risk serious legal implications. Fortunately, we have everything you need to follow the rules and ensure that your staff and children are kept as safe as possible from coronavirus.

Our wide range of social distancing signs for Schools are designed especially for children so that they are fun and easy to read, whilst still encouraging the importance of social distancing. However, we know that it’s not just inside Schools that children have to stick to the rules. Our social distancing signs are also suitable for use on public transport so that social distancing on School buses can still be adhered to.

Legal guidelines

The Coronavirus crisis is a new challenge and as a result we are likely to see regulations and legal guidelines change and adapt to accommodate the situation. It is important to remain up to date with the latest government updates, recommendations and best practices in order to ensure that your business or company complies with the regulations.

The UK government regularly updates their information on Coronavirus with new information for businesses, private citizens and the NHS. Specifically for businesses, the government has provided information for safely reopening businesses during COVID-19, working safely during COVID-19 and social distancing.

Social distancing floor tapes placement

When installing social distancing floor tapes, stickers or signs, it is important to consider visibility, as you want your social distancing materials to be highly visible and easy to understand. If you are mapping out a route for a store, café, warehouse or office, it is important to make the route as easy to understand as possible, as most people are still getting accustomed to social distancing measures and changes.

Choosing the right social distancing floor marking tape

When selecting social distancing floor tape, it is important to consider the specific needs of the premises, as each workplace will have specific needs to keep all employees and visitors safe.

Anti-Slip hazard tapes

One easy solution to marking out social distancing routes or guidelines is through highly visible anti-slip tapes such as the Luminous High-Vis Reflective Tape, the Toughstripe Flooring Marking Tape or Anti-Slip Hazard Tapes. These tapes are all very durable for high traffic areas, easy to install and eye catching.

Social distancing tapes

Seton offers a full range of social distancing specific tapes to clearly communicate social distancing to all employees and workplace visitors. This includes tapes with printed images and phrases including Metres Matter, Keep Your Distance For Virus Resistance, Keep Distance For Your Protection, Keeping Distance Saves Lives, Please Respect Social Distancing and STOP! Distance = Safety, among other phrases. These tapes clearly and persuasively ask social distancing to be respected in the workplace and are also highly visible. Seton also has footprint markings and corner markings to clearly demonstrate social distancing routes and parameters.

Social distancing kits

Seton has a range of cost-effective social distancing kits and bundles that are perfect for effectively communicating social distancing measures. For smaller workplaces, our Office and Retail bundle is a great option, while for larger indoor workplaces, we have a range of different kits which include tape, corner markings and signs.