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Scafftag Inserts

Workplace maintenance, cleaning and inspections are vital to ensure good health and safety standards are upheld in the workplace. Using a Scafftag is an effective way to record necessary checks so information is always up to date.

Scafftag inserts use a simple but internationally recognised system which displays relevant information in a visual and easy to understand way. Most include designated spaces to record data, such as vibration magnitudes or test dates, that can keep your staff and worksite safe. Our Scafftag Inserts buying guide has more information.

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Scaffold Tag Inserts Buying Guide

A lot of workplace equipment needs regular inspections and maintenance to keep it in good working condition. Using the Scafftag visual tagging system on everything from forklift trucks to fire safety apparatus is an effective way to monitor checks, making sure they are always up to date and providing a clear warning if they are not. The comprehensive range of Scafftag inserts is suitable for a wide variety of equipment and environments.

Scafftag inserts are made from durable materials that are resistant to tearing and fading. Tags can be used in tough environments across your site, including outdoors in extreme weather conditions.

Many tags contain warning information and pictograms designed for specific applications, such as chemical storage. They also have space to record data such as the name of the person who carried out an inspection and the date it was carried out so you can see at a glance if something is wrong. When filling in information we recommend using a fine nibbed permanent marker pen. This will ensure writing is legible and can’t be easily or accidentally removed.

As well as Scafftag inserts which include pre-printed spaces for information, blank tags are also available. These can be used to pass on non-standard safety messages or colour code equipment to suit your work processes. This can be useful in LEAN or 5S environments or anywhere that workplace efficiency is important.

Coloured tags can also be used to signify:

  • a type of equipment

  • which team is responsible for a particular item or area

  • how or when apparatus should be used

Colour coding can be an extremely effective way of passing on information in a quick and concise manner. Coloured nanotags are ideal to attach to other Scafftags when you need to pass on additional information.

It is important for your safety systems that Scafftag inserts are highly visible. Make sure your inserts are easily located by using the correct Scafftag holder. This will enable managers or team leaders to see when safety checks are being carried out.

As part of the Scafftag system, replacement inserts are best used in conjunction with a kit that provides everything you need. Insert packs allow you to replace or add extra tags without the need to re-purchase an entire kit.

Using Scafftag inserts to promote a risk-free working environment is proof that safety systems do not need to be expensive, or excessively complicated. This simple method is all that is needed to ensure safety inspections are carried out regularly in a clear and effective manner.