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Need help? Need help? How to create a "safe hand" area Ensuring your employees take appropriate measures to protect themselves is important in any workplace, particularly where work is carried out involving machinery or chemicals. Providing for the health and safety of the head, eyes, ears and feet is a given, but hands can sometimes be neglected.

With our range of Hand Protection Signs, it is very easy to remind employees to wear the relevant PPE and take the right steps to protect their hands from injury with easily understood messages. Not only will this help to ensure the continued safety of your team, but it also helps to make sure the business is compliant with all the relevant health and safety regulations.

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Easy to Understand

The most effective Safety Signs have one thing in common; clear and simple messages that leave little doubt as to the best course of action. A good example of this is our ‘Hand Protection Must Be Worn’ Sign. Not only easy the text both simple and highly visible, but it is accompanied by the widely recognised image of a pair of safety gloves. Visitors and workers will then be in no doubt they must wear hand protection in that area.

This simple image is also used on a variety of signs with different messages such as our ‘Wear Gloves’ Signs which offer a direct instruction and are available singly or in great value multi-packs. Other options include signs which use the symbol alongside hand protection instruction related to a specific task. For example, the ‘Wear Disposable Gloves to Handle Waste’ Signs are ideal for workplaces where chemicals are used.

The Gloves Symbol Sign is perfect for if you might prefer just to have a sign that has an image on it, without any words. If you have a workforce with a large number of staff for whom English is not their first language, then the image alone is the best reminder that hand protection should be used. This also removes the need for having signs in different languages.

For other safety signs, check out our range.

Create Safe Areas

The positioning of your Hand Protection Signs is crucial if you hope to ensure compliance across your workforce. We offer a range of signs that include special messages and mounting options which allow you to easily set up prominent messages when workers enter areas of potential risk.

Using more dynamic signs at entrances can help to enforce these rules, such as our ‘Stop - Safety Gloves Required Beyond This Point’ Signs. These are particularly useful when used in conjunction with floor signs. Our large ‘Stop - Hand Protection Required Beyond This Point’ Anti-Slip Floor Signs is clear enough to catch the eye and is unlikely to be overlooked.

Similarly, our Hand Protection Awareness Double Sided Hanging Signs and our Hand Protection Awareness Projecting Wall Signs stand out far more than regular wall signs and once again help to catch the attention of workers who may not be protecting themselves.

In some areas of the workplace, it may be wise to have hand protection warning signs that can still be seen clearly if there are no lights on. Our Nite-Glo material options give the same message as the other hand protection signage, but the background, image and words will glow in the dark.

Meeting Regulations

Are you up to code? Making sure that you offer clear warning of the risks that may be present on your premises is a legal health and safety requirement. At Seton, all of our signs as well as our other safety products comply with current UK and EU laws, allowing you to find everything you need to meet legislation.

First Step Toward Compliance - Warning of the risks and instructing your team to use safety equipment is a great start to implementing a health and safety policy on your premises. When used together with the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that you need, such as General Purpose Gloves, Disposable Gloves and Chemical Resistant Gloves, you can not only ensure you are complying with the law but also you make your employees and visitors feel more secure that their safety is a top priority.

Materials and Fixings

Our Safety Signs are available in a range of durable materials, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your requirements be it for indoor or outdoor use or a temporary or permanent fixing.

With our comprehensive range of Sign Fixings will allow you to ensure that your signs will stay securely in place for years to come and remain highly visible and effective to all that see them.

If for any reason you cannot find the perfect Hand Protection Sign within our range, then feel free to try out our custom sign service. Using any text, symbols and images you like, you can create signs for a specific piece of machinery, area or type of PPE to use.