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Need help? Need help? Not sure whether you need a Keep Out sign? Find out now UK’s Largest Choice of Keep Out Signs at the BEST Prices

To ensure that you meet health and safety laws and guidelines, it’s important that you deter both employees and visitors from entering potentially-dangerous areas of your premises. Keep Out Signs are an ideal way to alert people of an out-of-bounds zone in your building or on your site.

Available with a wide variety of clear, simple messages as well as a range of sizes, shapes and colours, you’ll find the ideal sign to that visitors, employees and members of the public do not enter unsafe locations or areas where security is important.

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We offer a range of benefits to our customers, and as the leading distributor and manufacturer of safety solutions in the world, we make it our job to ensure that all the products we stock meet expected health and safety legislative standards.

In the working environment, it is important to highlight areas of non-admission, to keep both the workers within these areas, as well as those who might enter, safe from harm. It is better to prevent accidents and security risks with good safety practices from the start and using Keep Out signs is an effective way to begin.

When deciding which Keep Out signs to use, you can refer to the HSE’s set of regulations on safety signs in the workplace. According to the HSE, it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that all risks that cannot be avoided or controlled through other measures, must be flagged with proper signage. It is also the employer’s responsibility to use traffic signs to regulate traffic when needed, maintain the signs that are installed, and also explain what the signs mean to employees, and what they should do when they see those signs.

When choosing the right signs to use, and deciding on where to place the signs, you can refer to the HSE’s comprehensive Guidance on Regulations for safety signs and signals in the workplace.

With Seton, you can shop with confidence, knowing that our products will help you to meet current UK and EU laws.

Safe and Simple

Keep out confusion - All of our Safety Signs use a combination of easy-to-understand messages and simple imagery and our Keep Out Signs are no exception. Most feature the widely-recognised exclamation point symbol that is both eye-catching and makes it clear that the instruction should be followed.

Our Keep Out Signs all feature easy-to-read bold text to reinforce that the area is out of bounds. Our ‘Keep Out’ Mandatory Signs clearly instruct employees, visitors and the public to keep out of certain areas on your premises and can be universally applied, so you can be position them wherever they are required.

Keep Out Signs can be very useful in informing the public not to enter restricted areas. Advising passers-by to keep out immediately makes them aware that it is an area that they should not be entering without approval. Signs that feature more than one message, such as our ‘Danger High Voltage/Keep Out’ Multi-Message Signs, can provide more information as to the reasons for the area being off limits and enforce safe working practices.

‘Keep Out’ Window Fix Signs are face-adhesive vinyl signs that can be affixed to the inside of windows to instruct those outside to keep out, or vice versa. These are especially ideal for laboratory or medical environments.

Materials and Fixings

By ensuring that your Keep Out Signs are displayed clearly and correctly, you can greatly increase their effectiveness at getting the message across. By using our Sign Fixings, you can make sure that your signs are placed exactly where they are needed, keeping them secured safely in place.

Each sign is available in a range of durable materials with options for both indoor and outdoor use, as well as UV, water or solvent resistant options for more specialist environments. Furthermore, if for any reason you cannot find a sign to suit your exact specifications, then you can use our Custom Safety Sign service. This allows you to create a sign that features any text, images and symbols that you require.

Choosing The Right No Entry Signs

When selecting the right No Entry signs for your workplace, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind. It is important to ensure that these signs are highly visible, and also that they are well maintained and routinely checked for wear and tear.

It is also important to consider the type of sign needed. For temporary needs such as No Entry road signs during road work or utility work, a stanchion sign is a great choice as it is easy to place and move. For other temporary needs, Seton offers a temporary, post-mounted Keep Out sign which is easy to mount and reusable for both indoor and outdoor environments.

For large work sites or work sites such as factories which have many potential safety hazards, Seton also offers multi-packs of Danger Keep Out signage and High Voltage/Keep Out/No Entry signage which are cost-effective choices. If a workplace has specific needs such as electricity hazards, we also have a number of signs which specifically mention this risk, including our dual message, Danger High Voltage/Keep Out sign and stanchion sign.

As always with safety measures, the most important thing employers need to remember is to properly inform and train employees. It is important that all employees recognise what the signs mean and also know what to do when they see the signs.