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First Aid Room Equipment

Need help? Need help? How to choose the correct first aid room supplies Your health and safety assessment will determine whether a first aid room is necessary for your workplace. Smaller offices might not need a dedicated first aid room, but for businesses and industries where there are greater hazards, a first aid room is necessary. It is a legal requirement for some organisations, such as schools to have a room set aside for medical treatment. If it’s determined you do in fact need a first aid room, then you’re also going to need first aid room equipment. See our guide and FAQs to discover how our products can help you.

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Choosing First Aid Room Supplies

Our range of furniture for first aid rooms includes cabinets and lockers used to store and secure medications or any other sensitive or hazardous treatments and items. For larger rooms, we also have the Tall First Aid Storage Cabinet, which is lockable yet easily accessible. With glass upper doors, the user can easily see what is kept in the cupboard and what might be missing and need replacing. The lower compartment has adjustable shelves so that items of all shapes and sizes can be stored there; it is also lockable.

Other items to consider include hot and cold treatments. These are a great investment, as many injuries that are sustained while in the workplace can initially be treated with either hot or cold pain treatment so that pain can be lessened and relieved without the use of painkillers or other medication. Freeze Spray, for example, can be used to relieve muscle stiffness and strain, sprains, bruises or cramps and is very easily applied. The Reusable Hot and Cold Packs are also extremely versatile. Chill a pack in the freezer or warm it up in the microwave and then apply it to the area of pain to provide practically instantaneous relief.

Another way of provisioning your first aid room would be to invest in a First Aid Room Equipment Kit. A little more comprehensive than your average first aid kit, these economical solutions are a good investment for anyone looking to furnish a new first aid room from scratch, rather than those updating and replacing or adding to their first aid room. The kits come with everything you could possibly need, from a treatment couch to a lockable cabinet, surgical trolley and stainless steel bin. Economy and premium options are available when you purchase a First Aid Room Equipment Package.

Other items to think about when getting your first aid room ready for use are disposable and reusable medical equipment. From disposable gloves to polythene aprons, clinical waste containers, medical scissors, forceps and scales, we have a great range of equipment, whether you’re in the market for reusable or disposable equipment.


How do I find out if my workplace needs a first aid room?

The first thing to do is undertake a health and safety assessment. If there are particular hazards present, for example, or if you run a business of a certain size or a school, then a first aid room will be necessary. If you are looking for advice for office based facilities please see our guide to first aid in the office.

What should be kept in the first-aid room?

Typical examples of the equipment and facilities a first-aid room may contain are:

  • a sink with hot and cold running water;

  • drinking water and disposable cups;

  • soap and paper towels;

  • a store for first-aid materials;

  • foot-operated refuse containers, lined with yellow, disposable clinical waste bags or a container suitable for the safe disposal of clinical waste;

  • an examination/medical couch with waterproof protection and clean pillows and blankets;

  • a chair;

  • a telephone or other communication equipment; and

  • a record book for recording incidents attended by a first-aider or appointed person.

If you are unsure of where to start when it comes to furnishing a first aid room, then a First Aid Equipment Package could be immensely helpful to you, as they come with all the larger furnishings needed to get you off the ground.

Who should have access to the first-aid room?

If possible, the room should be reserved specifically for providing first aid and a designated person (first-aider or appointed person) should be given responsibility for supervising it. The room should be easily accessible to stretchers and be clearly signposted and identified.