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Outdoor Cable Protection

Working with electrical equipment can be dangerous if appropriate safety precautions are not taken. In many businesses, work has to be carried out using electrical machinery and tools, which means loose cables can create a trip hazard - increasing the likelihood of accidents. In larger worksites such as garages and warehouses, cables or hoses often have to run across areas where vehicles will be driven, and this can lead to damage that will make them unsafe.

Whenever cables have to run across the paths of pedestrians or vehicles in your working environment, even on a temporary basis, using cable and hose protectors will improve safety for both visitors and staff. Our cable protection buying guide offers more information on the options available, including ideas for temporary and outdoor cover.

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Cable Covers: Buying Guide

Slips, trips and falls are a common cause of workplace accidents and yet are amongst the easiest to prevent. As well as using appropriate signage, anti-slip marking tape and floor stands; protecting and highlighting trailing cables will instantly make your site safer. Cable protectors also offer defence against damage to loose wires from pedestrians or vehicles.

Cable covers are available in a choice of colours.

  • Standard black or grey can be perfect for hiding wires or presenting a smart finish

  • Yellow or black/yellow protectors offer the best defence against trips and falls as they are easy to see

  • Clear protectors allow for easy cable identification and are ideal for data-communications and general office applications

When considering which cable guards to use, think about the size and shape of the cables in question. This may seem like an obvious first step, but the choice of channel shapes and widths available mean it is vital to have this information in mind from the start. A good all-round option for protecting cables in all manner of locations are rubber cable protectors with an easy to use snap fit. They are available in a choice of lengths and feature a range of channels allowing you to tailor their use to your exact requirements. This versatility means you can create a uniform look by using the same range across your site.

Wire Covers for Adaptable Working

In a flexible working environment there is often the requirement to temporarily protect wires alongside more permanent solutions. Cable protection tape is the perfect way to do this. It can be quickly and easily affixed to most surfaces and features a non-adhesive central section allowing multiple cables to be held in place. It is highly visible and perfect for use in multi-function spaces.

Rubber cable protection ramps offer the ease of use of a temporary cable cover combined with the durability of a permanent one. They are ideal for protecting cables from either vehicle or pedestrian traffic, and may be used indoors or out. Inside the protectors are three channels for the cables to run through. If additional length is required, several protectors, which are supplied as individual units, can be connected.

Outdoor Cable Guards

If you are likely to be using machinery outdoors such as traffic lights in car parks or generators at open-air events you will need a solution that is hard wearing enough to be used anywhere at any time. Heavy duty cable protectors have been specially designed for use in harsh environments, making them ideal for outdoor use. They are made of UV-stabilised rubber, ensuring they are long lasting. Cables must be threaded through the protector ensuring they can’t escape over time regardless of what is thrown at them. Perfect for construction sites, shipyards and warehouses, they are available with a different number of channels in a variety of diameters.