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Harness Kits

If your employees are going to be working at height for the first time or if you feel it is time to replace a lot of the equipment you have been using for this type of activity, our harness kits are a great way to get everything you need in one go.

The assortment we offer makes it easy for you to find the things you need, and you have the option of buying them in a durable container that makes them easy to transport between sites. This information might proof useful in choosing a harness kit.

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What Does A Harness Kit Consist Of?

Our harness kits include various types of gear, so we recommend you take the time to find the one that best suits your needs. All include a basic harness and fall arrest block, but some also include rope and tool lanyards.

Choosing The Right Harness Kit

Some of these kits are designed simply to protect workers who may fall when working at height, with the fall arrest block slowing them to a stop to protect them from harm. Others are designed to support workers in a suspended position while they carry out tasks. Some are for specific professions such as our roofer kit. The latter type of harness is more comfortable when worn over prolonged periods and often incorporates padding, as well as making it easier for the wearer to move around.

These harnesses vary in terms of the number of attachment points they offer. Having multiple attachment points can give a suspended worker more control over position and is also helpful when it comes to attaching tools, making it easier to carry everything that is needed for a complex job. It is important not to attach multiple items to a single attachment point, as this can unbalance the harness and potentially injure the wearer if something goes wrong.

Nobody should be using equipment like this without appropriate safety training, and we stock warning signs you can use to remind employees of the rules. It is nevertheless worth choosing the simplest harness kit for the job, because simplicity encourages workers to use it properly and reduces the temptation to cut corners.

This is particularly significant when it comes to putting the harness on, taking it off and attaching and detaching ropes. Harnesses which are comfortable enough to be kept on when the employee is on the ground can be useful in saving time, as a full safety check should be done each time the harness is put on and the kit reassembled.

The harness kits we stock offer differing degrees of adjustability, both on the ground and in the air. A good fit is important to ensure the wearer enjoys maximum protection, as well as comfort, which affects how long they can remain suspended. Where parts of the harness can be safely adjusted when the wearer is suspended, manoeuvrability can be increased, making some types of tasks easier to complete. Certain kits like the Miller® R1 Revolution Duraflex Harness have special technology designed to improve comfort while the user is moving.

All the harness kits in our selection are made from high-quality materials and are compliant with current health and safety standards. You will, however, need to use them carefully in accordance with the instructions for your employees to be fully protected, and you will need to replace them when they reach their expiry date, because old fall protection gear cannot be relied upon, which is another reason to examine and consider replacing your existing gear.