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Safety Goggles

Need help? Need help? Do you comply with safety goggle legislation? Safe, Strong UK Approved Safety Googles - Fast Delivery

All our safety goggles are made to the highest standard from quality materials, and meet current health and safety requirements. They shield the whole eye area from impact damage, within their stated tolerance, and, if used in accordance with instructions, the right pair for you can also provide protection from sparks, splashes from hot substances, hazardous chemicals and noxious gases.

Find out how to select the right pair for you by following our buying guide.

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Choosing Protective Goggles

Safety goggles offer extra eye protection for specific hobbies, jobs and environments. They also provide maximum protection from caustic vapours, liquid splash, high-velocity impact hazards, airborne dust and even viruses such as COVID-19.

Safety goggles are used everywhere from foundries to laboratories - basically, wherever maximum eye protection is needed. Although those in our selection can perform a wide range of functions, no pair of safety goggles can serve all purposes. This means it is important for you to take your time and ensure you choose the optimum ones for your working environment.

Our user-rated safety goggles designed for welding such as Uvex i-vo welding safety goggles. These provide powerful protection against ambient heat and protect the eyes from flying sparks. In addition to this, their darkened lenses reduce glare and make it easier for wearers to see what they are doing when performing complex welding tasks.

They can be used for a variety of other tasks involving high temperatures if the safety specifications are observed. You can remind workers of the importance of wearing them with our eye protection safety signs.

Some of our safety goggles are designed to be particularly resistant to impact, making them the number one choice for demolition experts, metalworkers and those in similar occupations. They are designed to repel flying particles and to combine easily with a range of different head protection gear, but you should be careful to ensure that the specific items you are choosing fit comfortably together.

If you want to make extra certain that safety goggles cannot slip while being worn, you can choose ones with a strap that fits around the back of the head - particularly useful if your employees are working in unusual positions. Straps are also handy for letting employees keep goggles around their necks when not in use, reducing the risk of them being misplaced.

Many people complain that safety goggles are difficult to use if they already wear glasses. We stock safety goggles that are specifically designed to fit comfortably over glasses, 3M™ Series 2800 Protective Overspecs for example, so there is no need to compromise between safety and visual acuity or resort to contact lenses, which are not suitable for everyone.

Some of the safety goggles in our range do very little to obscure vision and are ideal for work that requires close visual attention. Others compromise a little on this to provide thicker, more resistant lenses. Some are designed to protect the eyes in extreme cold, high winds or other adverse weather conditions, providing the best clarity of vision possible under the circumstances, while others have tinted lenses designed to reduce glare so the wearer can see more clearly in high or low light.

We think you will find it easy to identify exactly the right safety goggles for your employees, but if you would like a wider choice of eye protection, check out our range of safety glasses.

Our priority is to provide top-of-the-line and affordable eyewear and safety goggles. We offer the highest-quality health and safety goggles at prices that are well below the competition. Whether you work on a demanding job with flying debris or just enjoy woodworking, our line of safety goggles can offer maximum protection for your eyes while helping you to see clearly.

Safety goggles for maximum eye protection

Uvex ultrasonic goggles
– these are two-component spectacles that provide maximum wear comfort.

The combination of soft and hard material components with our Uvex ultrasonic goggles combines maximum comfort with mechanical rigidity. Even when worn continuously, these safety goggles never pinch or press. The soft and flexible component adapts to the wearer’s face, ensuring total eye-area protection.

Our Uvex ultrasonic safety goggles have excellent ventilation, to ensure a fresh flow of air to your eyes so as not to irritate them. Some of the advantages of our top safety goggles include a wide panoramic field of vision, a sporty design and lenses that can be quickly and easily replaced.

Vented goggles – Have an adjustable elastic strap and scratch-resistant lenses, fitting over your glasses easily and comfortably.

Safety goggles for welding – our protection and labelling of welding-filter levels comply with EN 169 standards. The filters are permanently marked on the edge, with the first number referring to the protection class of the safety goggles. In accordance with these standards, we also offer higher protection classes of safety goggles for high electrical currents.

To keep pace with the advances in the industry, our modern safety goggles construction combines safety, design and quality. For information regarding the function of specific goggles in our range, just get in touch with our friendly customer support team.

Safety glasses FAQs

Can you wear safety goggles over glasses?

Like safety glasses, our safety goggles are impact-resistant. They offer a protective shield around the eye, protecting you against hazards from any direction.

Do safety goggles protect against COVID-19?

Wearing safety goggles will provide adequate barrier protection from COVID-19 and other viruses, with the bottom, sides and top area of your eyes well shielded.

How can certified eye protection be recognised?

Certified safety goggles are permanently and legibly marked by the manufacturer, and can be identified easily. The markings shouldn’t interfere with your vision.

How should you clean and maintain goggles for workplace safety?

Safety goggles need to be properly maintained and kept clean. It is particularly important to clean them when fogged, or when dirty lenses could impair your vision and safety. Your goggles should be cleaned, inspected and maintained at regular intervals to ensure that they provide the requisite protection and do not pose any additional hazards to your health.