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Office and Desk Accessories

Finding the basic items of furniture to supply an office workplace is made simple with these great office and desk accessories. Mix and match a range of practical desk options with the ample storage solutions provided by pedestals and cupboards in a neat, hard-wearing laminated finish. Workstations are designed with cable outlets to allow the use of a computer, as well as sufficient workspace for paperwork, and they have a selection of drawers or filing alternatives. These, combined with cost-effective but extremely useful ergonomic devices, will go a long way to meeting the needs of your business personnel.

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Improving Your Work Environment

Spending long hours at a desktop computer can cause aches and strains. Back pain is very common in people who need to sit all day; this compromises productivity, causing distraction and inefficiency. If you do not already have a chair with lumbar support, the unique ERGOview lumbar support fits most office chairs. Simply position it comfortably behind the lower spine, and slip the straps into place. It is designed not to slip around, and the memory-foam panels will support the spine in a natural position all day. By using this unique lumbar roll, you will give your staff the best chance to get through the day seated, without discomfort.

Over-use injuries are surprisingly common among computer users. Address problems that could possibly arise from prolonged keypad and mouse use even before they arise by using a comfortable gel mouse support with or without a gel palm support. These ingenious inventions keep the wrist in a comfortable, ergonomic position, thereby preventing joint and tendon stress. Among other ergonomic aids for industrial employees, there is a different, fabric-covered wrist support for keyboard users.

Having one’s feet at the right height and angle is especially useful if one is to sit for extended periods. Without a height-adjustable seat, this is made difficult to remedy. Use a rest such as the solemate tilt adjustable footrest or office foot rest to prevent postural fatigue. Employees who are comfortable and do not constantly feel the need to alter position to relieve soreness from awkward positioning will be a lot more efficient, not to mention cheerful.

Depending on the office space, and your own requirements, a sufficiently sized modular workstation may be fitted into your workspace. Workstations, whether straight or L-shaped, come in a choice of length and have a smooth laminated finish. Being easy to clean, this makes an attractive, durable surface for years of office use. The desks all have a modesty panel, and ABS cable ports, for a neat and tidy look. There are a number of spacious chrome-handled drawer options to choose from, as well as a storage cupboard in either finish, so you can match the furniture.

Other additions, such as a meeting table or filing cabinets, alongside comfortable office or reception chairs, will allow you to create an office area that is attractive and practical. If you have employees or customers who use hearing aids or wheelchairs, they may benefit from the use of disability aids, such as an induction loop.

Remember that it is important to keep your rooms at a comfortable temperature year-round. If you decide to use an air conditioner or cooler in summer, these wonderful devices can double as a heater in winter, when the heating is not quite enough to keep out the chill.