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Washroom Products

Need help? Need help? Why handwashing is so important to your business As well as guaranteeing an inviting and pleasant environment for your staff and employees, the proper maintenance and supply of washroom products can be a major factor in creating a safe and healthy workplace.

A clean washroom environment will help prevent illness, disease and workplace accidents. It will also make sure your employees, customers and visitors leave the premises with a positive view of your company, which in turn will aid staff and customer retention. Considerations such as providing baby changing facilities will make you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Hygiene products such as paper towels, hand cleaning liquid and toilet rolls are all available as part of our wide range of products designed to suit all your organisation’s washroom needs. More information on washroom supplies can be found in our frequently asked questions and buying guide.

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Washroom Supplies Buying Guide

The maintenance of your washrooms can make or break your organisation’s image and will influence the way in which your business is perceived by staff and customers.

An unclean or a depleted washroom may create an uninviting environment for users, with rubbish and mess build-up as well as unpleasant odours making an adverse reaction from customers, visitors and staff much more likely. This negative environment can also create an unhealthy situation for washroom users, with the area prone to breeding bacteria and viruses.

Hand Hygiene in the Workplace

The correct installation and servicing of hand cleaners, soaps and sanitizers can be amongst the most effective health and safety measure in your workplace when it comes to preventing illness and disease. One sick employee can pass an infection on to several other workers, thereby decreasing staff levels and overall productivity. Promoting hand washing in your organisation can be the most proactive and cost-effective way to combat this — and the possible negative economic results — from occurring in your workplace.

We have several hand washing soaps and cleaners, as well as product dispensers to suit all your business’s needs. Hand soaps and sanitizers can provide an easy way for your customers and staff to clean their hands after using the washroom facilities. All handwash and soap cartridges are easily installed in the dispensers, with minimal mess or leakage. They are available in a variety of consistencies and scents to suit the needs and preferences of your organisation.

For the efficient storage of the soap, wash and sanitizer cartridges, we stock a range of dispensers in diverse styles and sizes. These can offer minimal touch or a touch-free solution to soap dispensing, with the product easily mounted to your washroom wall.

Following use of the soap or wash products, paper towels and dispensers should be provided. The use of towels to absorb water after washing can prevent accidents and incidents from wet floors, as well as potential dirt build-up. Towels can be purchased as perforated rolls or as individual folder towels. Matching paper roll and towel dispensers for all sizes of washrooms are also available. These are stylish, efficient and can be easily wall-mounted.

Hand Dryers can provide a paper-free solution for your business. Automatic and touch-free, the devices remove the need for your customers, staff and visitors to touch them when in use, thereby reducing the transfer of bacteria and viruses. They also offer an efficient, heat-based solution to drying hands, minimising the need for waste bins and eliminating the monitoring and replacing of towels.

Washroom Fittings for the Comfort of All

To address health and safety regulations and other relevant legislation, it is important to make provisions for baby changing. This can be achieved by installing changing stations in your washroom. We offer durable and stylish units as well as liners to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.

Ensuring the toilet facilities are well stocked and maintained can be a major part of your washroom servicing. Toilet products are essential and can make a difference to how your business is perceived by staff and customers. We offer a range of toilet rolls and individually folded toilet tissue for all your organisation’s needs. Toilet roll and tissue dispensers are also available in many styles and sizes.

Preventing the spread of germs, as well as making sure equipment is used correctly will be aided by the placement of washroom signs in appropriate places to advise users of best practice information. All our signs comply with health and safety regulations and are available in a range of sizes, materials and fixings.

Washroom Accessories FAQ:

I don’t want the traditional toilet rolls, what else do you offer?

We also stock individual, folded toilet tissue and matching dispensers. Using these can often help make your washroom a tidier place.

How can I be sure my toilet and paper towel dispensers will be strong enough to handle daily use by members of the public?

All our washroom dispensers are hard-wearing, with many made from tough ABS plastic.

I dislike the strong smell of many hand washes and soaps. Do you offer an alternative?

We stock many different scented hand soaps and washes with several non-fragranced options also available sao are sure to have something suitable for everyone.