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Our ‘No’ signs allow you to make it clear that there are some things that must not be done on your premises. No signs are a means of ensuring that everyone on site is as safe as possible to help minimise accidents and potential injuries – see our extensive range of no sign symbols and legends.

If you cannot find the symbol and legend that best suits your needs, then why not create your own "No" signs that is unique to you?

These “No” safety signs are available in a range of materials and finishes. They are designed to be easily seen and understood and, once positioned where needed, will last for years. We have available a range of fixings for those signs that do not have a self-adhesive backing to ensure they are fitted securely where needed.

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Sign Materials – Use Indoors and Out

All of our safety signs are made from quality materials, such as self-adhesive vinyl or rigid plastic, meaning they are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. See our handy guide to sign materials for more information of each material available.

"No" Signs Legends and Symbols – Extensive Range Available

The range of ‘No’ signs covers every aspect of the workplace. For example, outside your building there may be areas where you do not want people to leave their cars. A simple No parking sign is usually enough to deter them. To clearly show where visitors and staff should park, then consider reinforcing your no parking message with car park signs that are specially designed for affixing to posts.

You might also want ‘No’ signs for far more dangerous situations. For example, if you have an area where flammable materials are stored you need to make people aware of what is stored where and to clearly show what they must not do. In this case the ‘No’ sign will often feature a warning notice that there are dangerous materials present and will also include warnings about no smoking or naked flames, making people aware that flammable substances are present.

Some ‘No’ signs are simply a way of informing people that there are activities they cannot do in certain areas. If you have an area of your property where children like to play but it is dangerous for them to do so, then a sign such as our no cycling, roller blading, skateboarding or scooter riding notice may be enough to remind them that they should do such things elsewhere.

Another simple instruction is no photography. This sign is often seen in such public places as museums where the flash of a camera can cause damage to delicate exhibits, or theatres where the flash of a camera can be off putting for both actors on stage and the audience. Alternatively, it could be that photography is not permitted for security reasons.

When it comes to health and safety in the workplace people running rather than walking is an accident waiting to happen. A simple No running sign is enough to remind them of what they should not do. These signs can also often be seen in places such as leisure centres where they deter people from running on the surrounds of the swimming pool where they could easily slip and hurt themselves.

No swimming signs are often seen near reservoirs or stretches of water where it would be too dangerous for people to go for a swim.

Design Your Own Sign

You could also opt for a custom health and safety sign if there are specific actions that you wish to deter in your workplace. These can have your own wording and even ISO complaint symbols.