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Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Gel

Need help? Need help? Find out which hand gel is best for your workplace A range of hand sanitiser solutions chosen by experts

Good hand hygiene helps to prevent the spread of infections and viruses and is of the utmost importance for health and safety in the workplace, especially in the current global situation where there is an extra responsibility for employers to make sure the correct sanitising equipment is in place. Not only are good hygiene practices required in order to comply with legislation, but they also help create the best environment possible for workers to feel safe and carry out their work productively. Hand gel is a convenient solution for outdoor spaces or where there is no running water.

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Antibacterial Hand Gel Options

For some workplaces, the use of sanitising hand gel has been routine and required by health and safety regulations. Hospitals and doctor’s surgeries, for example, have been providing hand sanitiser for their staff, patients and visitors for years, but even in an office or other workplace, sanitiser can help keep chances of cross-infection lower.

We have a number of choices available when it comes to hand gels. Deb InstantFOAM, for example, is HACCP International Certified and is skin friendly while also providing a powerful disinfecting punch. This foaming hand sanitiser kit would be a good addition for first aid rooms, hallways, and entrance areas as it can be quickly installed to flat surfaces for easy access.

Clinell Alcohol Sanitising Hand Gel is also popular with doctors and is used by other professionals, but would be equally useful in offices and other workplaces. Its pump action makes it easy to use, while the inclusion of natural moisturisers such as aloe vera and soothing green tea extracts mean that it is friendly and kind to skin while also killing 99.999% of germs. It was developed by doctors, so you can rest assured that, if you and your employees use this hand sanitiser, you will be reducing the spread of germs and infections as much as possible.

Alternatively, an InstantFOAM® Hand Sanitiser Manual Dispenser or a 7 Circles Cutan Sanitiser Dispenser would make a great addition to bathrooms or even next to doorways and exits as a means of reminding workers and visitors to keep their hands clean. These anti-bacterial foam dispensers can easily be fixed to a wall, making it convenient for people to use. It should be filled with InstantFOAM® Hand Sanitiser, which kills 99.999% of germs and bacteria within 15 seconds of use. It also absorbs quickly into the skin to avoid spills, drips, splashes and unnecessary excess fluid. If you are especially conscious of germ transmission in the workplace, Seton also offers a number of automatic sanitiser dispensers.

For more information on how to protect everyone in your workplace, read our coronavirus guide.

Frequently asked questions

Now more than ever, it is important for workplaces to be clean and for employees to practice higher hygiene standards. Seton has a full range of alcohol hand rub options including everything from hand sanitiser kits to stations, dispensers and refills. Below is a handy guide to the most frequently asked questions regarding hand sanitisers.

What does the law say about hand sanitiser?

Employers have a duty to protect employees from harm, and provide them with a safe, clean workplace. This includes providing employees with clean and well maintained workplace facilities.

During the coronavirus outbreak, additional measures need to be taken by employers to ensure that the worksite, employees, customers and visitors are all safe and healthy. The HSE has a comprehensive set of guidelines for workplaces operating during the coronavirus outbreak.

One of the key ways to mitigate the risks posed by COVID-19 is through creating and maintaining a thorough and effective cleaning regimen. The HSE provides the guidance COVID-19: cleaning in non-healthcare settings for information about how often to clean, what to clean and how to clean during the outbreak. The HSE has also created guidelines for a range of different types of work, and how these workplaces can best maintain cleanliness.

What are the different kinds of antibacterial hand gel?

There are a number of different kinds of hand sanitiser gel, so you will be able to choose the options that work best for your site. For large facilities, Seton also offers hand sanitiser multipack options, along with refill packs like the Hand Gel Station Refill. We also offer a range of hand sanitiser stations and Skin Hygiene Centres which are ideal for busy workplaces.

When choosing between hand sanitisers, Seton offers a number of different types of sanitisers such as classic alcohol-based gels, foaming sanitisers and Deb Cutan Complete – the world’s first full virucidal, alcohol-based hand gel.

There are also a number of options for employees who have more sensitive skin. Seton also offers the Tea Tree Alcohol Hand Rub which kills 99.999% of bacteria within 30 seconds of contact and which also moisturises and protects the skin. There are also alcohol-free hand sanitiser options for individuals who have sensitive skin or do not react well to alcohol-based hand gel.

Where should hand sanitiser dispensers be placed?

Every place of work will require specific placement for hand sanitiser dispensers. After performing a full risk assessment for coronavirus, as per HSE guidelines, you will have a good sense of the best locations for hand gel placement. It is important that hand sanitisers are placed in visible, easy to access locations, so that employees, visitors and customers will be more likely to use the sanitiser. Below are some of the types of hand sanitiser installation methods and placements that are offered in Seton’s full range of sanitisers.

Wall-mounted hand sanitiser – an effective and easy way to encourage proper hygiene in the workplace is through installing a number of wall-mounted hand sanitisers. These solutions, such as the Skipper Wall Mounted Sanitiser Kit can be quickly installed on flat surfaces and then refilled when necessary.

Hands free anti-viral hand gel dispenser – if you are looking to drastically cut down on the possible transmission of bacteria and germs, hands-free dispensers are a great option for the workplace. The Deb TouchFree Ultra Dispensers are both stylish and convenient as they can be installed on any hard surface and have long lasting batteries. Another great hands-free option is Seton’s Hand Sanitiser Foot Pump which is operated through a foot pedal and requires no installation whatsoever – you simply need to place the pump down in the desired location.

Standalone antiseptic hand gel dispenser – for some workplaces, it may be more convenient to use standalone rubbing alcohol hand sanitiser dispensers. Seton offers a number of convenient standalone sanitisers, including the Hand Sanitiser Gel and Alcohol Hand Gel.