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Head Protection Signs

Need help? Need help? How to prevent head injuries in the workplace? Workplace health and safety is a very important issue for any business. In areas where there a risk has been identified, ensuring the correct head protection standards are enforced should be a major consideration. These dangers need to be addressed and a great preventative step is to use easy-to-understand messages on Safety Signs

Head Protection Signs remind workers and visitors they need to use the right PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to prevent accidents that could cause a head injury. Not only this, but these signs can help to enforce safety and hygiene procedures that may be present on your premises.

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Clear and Simple Messages

Remove all doubt - One of the main ways to ensure the protection of the head is to require the use of approved Safety Helmets. Putting signs in place with easily understood messages and symbols, such as those on our ‘Safety Helmets Must Be Worn At All Times’ Signs, can help you to easily convey that this part of the workplace is one where there is a risk of head injury.

The same widely-recognised symbol featuring the outline of a head wearing a safety helmet also appears on our ‘Head Protection Must Be Worn’ Signs and ‘Wear Hard Hats’ Signs. These types of straight-forward instructions are ideal for workplaces such as factories and warehouses where there is a danger that something may fall.

Not just employees - There are many situations where it’s possible that those at risk are not your employees. Construction sites are a perfect example of where visitors, subcontractors and even members of the public may be present.

By using notices such as our ‘Hard Hats Must Be Worn At All Times’ Construction Signs you can offer a clear message to visitors and workers that they should not enter the site without the correct head protection. These messages can be reinforced by the ‘No Hard Hat, No Work’ Signs, reminding workers that if they report for work without their hard hat they will not be allowed onto the site until one is obtained.

Safety and Hygiene

More than just hard hats - Head protection is not just about protecting the head from injury. In workplaces where food is processed, such as food production factories, staff should wear head protection to prevent contamination of the products.

Notices such as our ‘Wear Hairnets’ Signs should be displayed as a reminder for areas where hygiene is critical to ensure nobody enters the factory floor without hair covering in place..

Eyes and ears too - Remember also that head protection is not just about the top of the head. Ear Protection Signs and Eye Protection Signs also fall under this category and are just as important to keeping workers safe and healthy in the workplace. Our range include messages such as those on our ‘Hearing Protection Must Be Worn’ Signs and our ‘Wear Goggles’ Signs and many more.

Head Protection Signs are not limited to small signs that appear on walls and machinery, but are also available in larger options. On construction sites, for example, the larger the sign the easier it is to see, and the chance of somebody being injured because they have not complied with the regulations is significantly reduced. Consider using a ‘Wear Hard Hats’ Stanchion Sign at your site entrance or some of our ‘Stop - Head Protection Required’ Anti-Slip Floor Signs, ideal for factory floors.

Materials and Fixings

Our Safety Signs are all made from high quality, durable materials so you can be sure that your signs will withstand the test of time.

Furthermore, our range of Sign Fixings will help to ensure that your signs will stay securely in place. These are great for both indoor and outdoor applications, as well as for use on machinery, walls, gates and other areas.

If for any reason you cannot find a Head Protection Sign that meets your exact requirements, try out our custom sign service to design your own signs including any text, symbols or images you need.