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Rubber Boots

Providing well-made, comfortable footwear is a necessity in many working environments, and rubber boots are an ideal product to choose for anyone working in damp environments or outdoors in all weather conditions. Have a look at our guide to help you choose the right product.

It is the legal obligation of an employer to take reasonable steps to reduce the risk of accidents and to minimise the severity of injuries and damage if an accident should occur. Check out the benefits of rubber boots in the workplace.

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Benefits of Wellington Boots in the Workplace

Construction, agricultural and chemical sites are just some of the working environments where workers will be safer and more comfortable with a pair of well-fitting rubber boots, providing waterproof, durable protection for the feet, ankle and lower legs. Fulfilling all the safety regulations the law requires to protect workers from hazards often seems like an impossible task, but by shopping at Seton, you can make the process easier. We supply a comprehensive range of products to increase safety across the workplace, and as one of the leading retailers of personal protective equipment, you can shop for rubber boots confidently with us, knowing our products comply with current EU and UK safety legislation.

Safety Wellingtons Buying Guide

Working Environments and Boots

The safety boots in the Seton range have all the advantages of standard wellington boots, but provide greater protection to the feet and lower legs. The good grip of the soles prevents the slips that are a common hazard in damp and slippery environments. The sole is also resistant to the fats, solvents and oils that are commonly found in many working environments.

Designed to provide maximum support to the foot and ankle, the rubber boots are comfortable to wear and have a reinforced toecap to protect delicate toes from dropped objects and rough terrain. For workers in demanding physical jobs, who spend a lot of time on their feet, the design of the boot will reduce fatigue and stress on the lower limbs.

Many outdoor professions will require workers to be out in all weather conditions. The waterproof materials of our range of rubber boots will keep feet dry and the lining will provide welcome warmth in the colder months. In environments where hazardous substances can be found, rubber boots can be easily cleaned, preventing the spread of infections and hazardous substances.

To increase the protection provided by our rubber boots, take a look at our overshoes and boot covers in our range of footwear accessories. For areas where the risk of chemical contamination is high, take steps to protect the entire body with items from our range of chemical resistant clothing to provide the maximum protection.

By providing rubber boots to your employees and visitors who need to enter damp or outdoor environments, you have taken a key measure to protect their feet and prevent them damaging their own footwear. The long-lasting comfort these rubber boots supply will not only keep the feet safe, they will also reduce fatigue on the legs, increasing the wellbeing and efficiency of your workers. The comfort and safety of workers should always be a priority and by providing rubber boots, you have taken one measure that can make a big difference. Rubber boots and other personal protective equipment is needed to keep workers safe in any environment.