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Dog Waste Bins

If your business premises are situated in a location where members of the public walk their dogs, it might be worth investing in dog waste bins to keep their mess at minimal levels and improve hygiene in the surrounding areas.

Providing people with the facilities to dispose of their dog’s waste in a responsible, safe and hygienic manner encourages them to keep the areas surrounding your premises clean. A simple solution like our Doggy Bin will go a long way towards providing a more pleasant environment for everyone. To find out more about how to create a dog waste disposal system, read our buying guide below.

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Dog Waste Disposal Buying Guide

Dog fouling is a huge concern for many premises owners in the UK. Dog waste on pavements and grass, as well as in public areas such as children’s playgrounds and parks are a constant problem for pedestrians. By providing pet owners with dog waste bins (or dog poo bins as they are often known), you are offering them a designated place in which to dispose of their dog’s waste simply and hygienically.

Dog mess is potentially harmful to those around it. As well as posing health threats to animals, dog waste can cause humans to become seriously ill. Leaving dog mess on the ground is illegal and breaks the law passed in 1996 which rules against it. Those caught doing so can be hit with a fine of up to £80; so providing sufficient opportunities for people to safely dispose of their pet’s excrement is therefore in everyone’s best interests.

Our range of dog waste bins helps to keep pavements and other open spaces clear of unsightly, smelly dog fouling. Designed to be wall or post mounted for maximum visibility/accessibility, our strong and durable dog waste bins are a long lasting solution to the dog fouling problem you’re faced with.

Creating a Dog Waste Disposal System - Is There Any Additional Equipment I Need?

Hazardous waste bags are a useful investment if dog waste is a particular problem at your site. Additionally, the following items are worth considering.

Our high quality anti-fouling signage will remind dog walkers of their responsibilities. In any area accessible by the general public, footpaths should be kept clear from obstructions and any potential risks to their safety should be outlined with clear hazard signs and safety barriers where necessary.

If your premises are based in an area where members of the public walk their dogs, you may also benefit from installing a few standard litter bins and waste containers/collectors around the perimeter to prevent rubbish and other waste being dropped close-by. Litter will likely cause hygiene issues and jeopardise health and safety on-site if not addressed. Having noticeable, accessible rubbish containers, alongside dog waste bins, encourages members of the public to dispose of their litter and keep the area clean – from both dog excrement and general mess!

Installing scraper door mats by main building entrances for employees and visitors to wipe their feet on before accessing your premises is a simple step that can promote cleanliness within your establishment. In addition, a ready supply of cleaning products should be on hand should the worst happen!