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Need help? Need help? What are the different marker pens you can buy? At Seton, we have selected high-quality Stationery that is among the best available. The permanent markers and paint pens in our stationery section will write on a surprising array of different surfaces, and in all kinds of conditions. Select wipeable alternatives from among the wet wipe or dry wipe pens for non-permanent text. For marking surfaces from paper to a whiteboard, from glass to wood, or rubber, steel or plastic, there is a writing tool for you. The writing utensils in our extensive range are great value for money and are sure to be suitable for your everyday needs.

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Marker Pens: Buying Guide

The standard black rollerball is fine-tipped. It is good for use on paper (including carbon-copying), and it will “deboss” the aluminium surface of most foil tags. Although it is water soluble and may wash off, it will leave a permanent text indented on the tag.

Our paint marking pens are available in over six colours. They are filled with a specialised paint that can be reliably used to mark virtually any surface: wood, plastic, rubber, metal, glass and composite surfaces. This means that they may be used both on labels and directly on a pipe or device that has no label. These markers are suitable for use on dark as well as light or transparent backgrounds; the paint is waterproof and is designed not to fade in the sun. Even at an extreme range of temperatures, the lettering will still be visible.

The coloured paint marking pens and the white paint marker pens are both broad-nibbed. The coloured medium nibbed paint marking pens have a thinner nib (these also come in white).

For an even thinner nib, permanent marker pens are available. Although not filled with paint, they are light, fast and heat, water and wear resistant. They come in various colours and can be used on paper, cardboard, metal, glass and plastic. They are perfect for asset tag labelling, or for writing on safety tags where you fill in the name. While this pen is supplied with all our scafftag labels, it also has a wide usage in any office environment.

Use a wet wipe pen for text that you may want to change but should not be accidentally dislodged. Instances include a safety write-on poster such as fire safety, first aid safety or another poster that has a blank, for example, for the first aider’s name and phone number. Once the ink has dried, it will not be mistakenly rubbed off, but may be removed on purpose using a damp cloth – for instance, if the details change. This item is very handy for many applications, including writing on magnetic easy wipe racking strips or on magnetic location markers – these are magnetic-backed “stickers” for metal shelving, which are used to identify locations, products or quantities of stock.

Our drywipe whiteboard markers are good-quality coloured pens that are used as standard and are useful with magnetic or non-magnetic drywipe whiteboards. If the board is magnetic, a whiteboard magnetic pen holder as well as pictures and notes can be pinned to it with magnets, which are found in one of our handy starter packs.

Lastly, we supply a very useful counterfeit detector pen – a relatively low-cost means of saving you from many headaches. Colour-printed fake notes may get through if people are inattentive, but this pen is a discreet way of checking. It makes a brown or grey mark on paper counterfeits. However, it will hardly make a mark on real currency because the iodine ink does not react with the material used to make real bank notes.