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Photoluminescent Kits

Need help? Need help? What is a Safety Way Guidance System? Photoluminescent products are important to consider when thinking about the safety of your staff should an emergency situation occur. In the possibility of lighting failure or vision obscuring levels of smoke which could cause surroundings to become dark and reduce visibility; you want to ensure you have considered how your workforce can safely exit the building. Our photoluminescent kits provide a complete solution for either stairways or corridors/rooms to effectively create a Safety Way Guidance System. This will aid employees and visitors in evacuating to a safe location from anywhere within the building in a coherent manner.

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Photoluminescent Kits: Buying Guide

Our range of kits offer security for your workforce and visitors, by highlighting the nearest exit routes so that they can quickly reach safety. Our photoluminescent kits contain an array of items, to provide a complete solution for both corridors/rooms or stairways so that you can create an effective Safety Way Guidance System.

What is a Safety Way Guidance System?

A Safety Way Guidance System (SWGS) is a network of clear photoluminescent visual components, such as floor markers and low location lighting, which ensure those on your premises can safely exit from anywhere inside a building, even with poor visibility or lighting. Regulation ISO 16069:2017 covers the principles of design and application in the visual components of a SWGS – including information for electrical and photoluminescent systems to provide information on suitable materials, lay out and installation guidelines. All of our photoluminescent kits conform to this legislation to make sure that you remain compliant.

Example features of a SWGS include:

What are the benefits of a Safety Way Guidance System?

Photoluminescent signs provide a vital back-up option in case your electrical lighting fails, therefore reducing the likelihood of panic occurring. As our signage and symbols are compliant with BS EN ISO 7010, our kits offer easily understood, clear instructions which allow individuals to exit the building quickly and with a systematic approach. A further benefit of installing a Safety Way Guidance System is that they will also aid the emergency services in finding their way around a building, helping them to work more effectively to save lives.

Installing a Safety Way Guidance System

These systems should be installed by a competent individual in accordance with British and European safety standards. We recommend that you also carry out a risk assessment, to understand how best to arrange your SWGS to meet your site specific requirements.
To create a clear Safety Way Guidance System all of our kits include photoluminescent signage, tapes, low location lighting inserts and floor markers to build a comprehensive and clear route for staff or visitors. An instruction manual is also included both within the kits and on the website product page as a downloadable version. This aims to provide you with guidance on how to install the components and also outlines positioning specifications that you must adhere to in order to stay compliant with ISO 16069:2017.